About Travis Savo

Travis SavoTravis Savo is an expert technologist and serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience. A lifelong acolyte of technology, Travis is a proponent of creating solutions to real-world problems with code and a bit of ingenuity. Known as Sensei Kevlar on YouTube, he’s made it his mission to open up his trading Dojo and share “The Way of the Trader” with others for years. Now, he’s developed his custom blockfolio automation and business intelligence services into a full fledged product called TraderPlan, which he is using to mint millionaires.

Travis is fluent in many modern programming languages and best-practice development approaches for large scale networked systems, modern video game engines, desktops applications, mobile and embedded devices, and multimedia platforms. He has been a leader of many successful teams on profitable multi-million dollar enterprise projects.

With TraderPlan, Travis wishes to reevaluate how people handle investments. Part of the proof-of-concept for the bot is to integrate charity into the venture, with him structuring a revenue schedule donating to his new philanthropic venture, the With More HOPE Foundation. He eagerly anticipates the next round of rollouts for TradePlan and the initiatives that will come with them.